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 The BETA client

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PostSubject: The BETA client   Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:50 pm

This is the beta test dsnjowaw8

Once downloaded join the hamachi room: fuckhamachi1234 pass: 123
note: this server wont be hamachi once we are finished creating an awesome place for people to play.

You log in as a GM

*gm (tro, arch, tao, war)
*allot (str, agi, vit, spi)
*warp all
*maint - 5 minute countdown till maint.
*c -GM channel
*g GM channel
*skill (id, level)
*lt 2 hours luckytime for everyone.
*goto (name)
*kick (name)
*scroll (tc, am, dc, mc, ma, jail, pka)
*info * (show's online players)
*map - give you the currant map id.
*s (service)
*tele (map id chords)
*ban Bans the account
*expmob (doesn't die, don't spawn unless instructed.
*gandorema (same goes^^)

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The BETA client
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